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????????-???????Paul Richardson????????????????????????????? Saturday Seahawks putting him on injured reserve list, then ran Wei Du Wang - Harris (DuJuan Harris) to the list from the training promotion group. this autumn is not easy for Richardson. He started the season because of the injury of the knee cruciate ligament in the playoffs last season. In tenth weeks against the Arizona Cardinals game in the game Richardson return after completing a 40 yard ball after hamstring strain, this is the only time this year to catch him. "his hamstring injury did not recover, so we are very disappointed that he couldn't return," coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) said. "The recovery time of the injury was a little longer. He still felt a pain in the process of trying to train and try to get him back, so the situation didn't develop as we wanted. in the second round of the last season's draft, Richardson was occasionally flashing at his own speed in the rookie season. While Harris is in the squad for his entire career in the occupation as a substitute, he played for the Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville jaguars, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans saints and the Green Bay packers. lost the speed of Richardson will not help to have lost the near end Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham) the Seahawks offensive team, but the Seahawks this season has taken over the young and the absence of such results achieved.The official website of NFL | San Francisco 49 people signed running back Reggie Bush | football Reggie Bush (Reggie Bush) to return to the west coast. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, reported on Saturday that the 49 people in San Francisco had signed the running guard. Bush will play a 49 ball attack against two Hyde Carlos Hyde. 49 men need to find a way to replace his stable contribution after running Frank Gore (Frank Gore) to join the Indianapolis pony. 30 year old Bush last season with the Detroit lions when occasional flashes of explosive force and the ability to dodge, but this offseason he was cut. After winning the best performance of 1006 yards, the number of punching and 506 yards in the 2013 season, Bush failed to play on the field last season, and finally scored 297 yards for 76 times. if the former University of California star can keep healthy words -- for him has been very difficult to become a reality, Bush will become the quarterback in the backcourt Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) a ball, and his speed ball style is also a great addition to the strength of hyde. The 49 people also have the Kendall Hunter (Kendall Hunter) that can be allocated for the entire season, due to the tear of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee. 49 people signed Bush also increased more problems for the new England patriots. Patriots need to find ways to replace Sean Vereen of New York giants (Shane Vereen). Bush on Friday visited the patriot and many people think he is Tom Brady (Tom Brady) offensive team as the ball type running back role a perfect candidate.Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jamie Lynn (Jeremy Lane) to help the team completed the first shots in the super bowl, he steals in the end region of the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) pass, the team refused to lose points. , however, Lynn was hit by the Patriot player in the process of the return attack, and he fell heavily on the right side line. His elbow landing was very painful, and he didn't get up for a long time. He finally pulled out of the court by a battery car after receiving a simple fixation. The team later claimed that Lynn was doubtful. This is the first time steals Lynn occupation career, but had been hit by injuries the Seahawks defensive line adds a member, this is not what good news, substitute Lynn debut cornerback Sara de Simon (Tharold Simon) and no good defense, Julian Edelman patriot receivers (Julian Edelman) seize the opportunity to complete the long distance gear conversion, the Seahawks reached the red the second week of the pre-season match, the Minnesota Viking main player Blair Blair (Blair Walsh) was in a low state. 0 shots were shot in the field, and another shot was missed. Walsh has already played 3 games in the hall of fame season. He has shot for 2 times in those three games, and now he seems to have fallen to the freezing point of his career in the three games. this offseason Walsh and the Vikings signed a four year contract, the security deposit of $5 million 250 thousand, which is to play a big contract, also shows that the great hope for the management of the Vikings rookie selected occupation bowl striker. The Vikings and the Oakland Raiders began to postpone for one hour due to the lightening. After the beginning of the competition, the climate was not very good. It had been carried out in the strong wind and heavy rain. Walsh continuous shooting in the game lost 35 yards, 38 yards and 49 yards shot, after losing additional points in the shot he was shamed trot toward the bench, the Vikings coach Mike tzimol (Mike Zimmer) with a sword eyes stare at Walsh. The locker room after the game, Walsh dressed, wearing a hat on the head back, deep breath, and then turned to face already gathered around him the reporters, said: "well, begin." It's like talking to reporters as if they were talking to themselves. At the end of the video game after Walsh said he believed that their technical defects can be solved, he said: "I can't aim precisely to a point, usually if I can play at what point to the words but I can play lost, this is what I need to correct and improve."

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