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on Monday, the pony owner Jim Ilse (Jim Irsay) said the team would let the quarterback Andrew - LAK (Andrew Luck) slowly recover. Iraq is expected to begin to practice passing in the spring, but the team certainly won't be too eager to succeed. Ilse said that LAK is going through a whole recovery process before the start of the season. "We will not let him at top speed of ." Ilse told the club's official website, "we must first determine the shoulder injury rehabilitation, also need to improve the medical certification, then can let him start formal training. As long as he is fully recovered, it will bring us an unparalleled season. Chris Ballard (Chris Ballard) and chuck Pagano (Chuck Pagano) will also consider whether we need alternate candidates. We will prepare for the new season. 2016, he played in 15 games, 4240 yards, 31 touchdowns, 13 steals, and achieved a career high 63.5% pass completion rate and 7.8 pass attempts code.The official website of NFL | Manning expressed dissatisfaction with | football on the big screen controller earlier in the end of cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the Thursday night game, Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) led the Denver Broncos scored 14 points in the fourth quarter final victory over the same area rivals San Diego lightning. After the game, Manning himself was not happy said in an interview, he on the scene of the big screen controller very dissatisfied. Manning said: I am happy for our fans and they do very well. But I have to say I have a bit of opinion about the staff who control the big screen. I'll go and talk to him later. I just don't know what he's doing. When we attacked, he played music, broadcast the pictures of the fans, and incited the fans to make a sound. This not only affects our attack, but I think it is more disrespectful to us. In a word, I'm very disappointed. But the fans are really great, they are full of enthusiasm and I am proud of them. But the big screen controllers have not so perfect tonight. was good for the wild horse to win the game at the end. Manning passed the ball 286 yards in the game and took 3 of them. If the biggest problem in the wild horse team is on the staff, then we can imagine how well the team is now.NFL |49 official website ran Wei Hyde with concussion to leave early | football San Francisco 49 people running back Carlos - Hyde (Carlos Hyde) in Pittsburgh with the Steelers game due to a concussion to leave early. Finally, the team lost to 18-43. According to reports, Hyde accepted the concussion test after leaving the field and passed the test, but coach Jim Tom Sura (Jim Tomsula) decided to let him rest at the sidelines. Haider held the ball 14 times before he left the field, pushing 43 yards. In an interview after the game, he said: I was hit, and I felt dizzy. When I got back to the field, I felt a lot better and passed the test. I was ready to go, but the team kept me off. After Haide left the field, the new rookie Mike Davies (Mike Davis) held the ball 7 times, propelling 14 yards, Jared Heini (Jarryd Hayne) holding the ball 2 times, advancing 3 yards. officials have revealed that the concussion will not affect Hyde's game next week. As Luther college teammate, Steelers linebacker Ryan Sharzer (Ryan Shazier) said the team will be regarded as the number one target at Hyde: we need to control him, he is the team's top running back.The official website of NFL | Raiders to Mike will be transformed into pure red military | football Oakland Raider Mike Khalil Mack is one of the most brilliant shows of last season. He showed the potential of future superstars in the first year of his career. But the raider's coaching team seems not to be satisfied, and they are still trying to make all of Mike's potential. according to local media reports, the Raiders in the training camp when carrying out offensive and defensive drills, whether using conventional formation or mixed formation, always let Mike take the defensive end. Then the NFL famous media people Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that although not sure will be Mike's Raiders linebacker to register the position from the defensive end, but at least in the use of the method, the Raiders are going to let Mike play at military role in each step. Raiders general manager Reggie Mccann (Reggie McKenzie) said on Monday after the end of the training Mike rushed from strength damn bad, he is really good at drawing. It is also an opportunity for him to explore and grow, and the coaching team will use him in a variety of ways, which is of course. He is a dominant defensive player, of course we want him to play their best, we will put him in a different location, our new season defense is the basic case, is to put him in a different position so that he can be better in all cases at. Mike scored 4 hits last season, but 52 times succeeded in putting pressure on the quarterback of the quarterback. The Raiders hope that the two figures will increase significantly. Jack, Jack Del Rio, a new raider, has worked in wild horse. He likened Mike to a strong version of Feng Hong Miller (Von Miller). Last season Mike 75 back cover defense in the 514 grade ball defense, von Miller in the 593 grade prevention came in the 108 back cover in defence. All indications are that the new season of the Mike slough number will be greatly reduced, and the opposite for quarterback is undoubtedly a bad news.

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