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The official website of NFL | Woodson completed steals $250 thousand reward | football Charles Woodson, a Oakland defender, has been 39 years old, but he still leads the league in 5 matches of 7 games. just finished the battle against New York jet at the end of the game. He cut off the passing of the Geno Smith, the jet backup sub quarterback, and completed his fifth copy, so he won a prize of 250 thousand dollars. is reported to have a reward mechanism for completing 5 copies of his contract, and I don't know what the sixth copies will be rewarded. The fifth intercepts of van derson also made him top the League at the Josh Norman of the Black Panther of the Carolina. Up to now, 65 copies of wood's career have been completed, and only 4 people have completed the data in history.The official website of NFL and Houston, Dezhou: Weil Falk will consider retiring defense spike in rugby nest Houston in Dezhou 16-34 to the new England patriots, Dezhou defender Vince wilfork spike (Vince Wilfork) that they might consider retirement. I think I've been in my last NFL game, volflock said. I'll spend some time thinking about whether I really want to retire. Let's wait and see. I don't know how long it takes to think about it. this will not change the fact that I enjoy every moment of my career. With my incredible teamma cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tes, I spent 11 wonderful years in the Patriots and spent 2 good years in Dezhou. was in his career for the first time in his career before the Dezhou Raiders' first round of the playoffs to retire from the end of the season. , 35, was selected for the 5 career bowl in his 13 year career, and he was selected as the best team in 2012. He said earlier this month that he realized that retirement would be a tough decision because he knew he could still play the heat. One thing I know about is that I love the game, volflock said early in the month. The hardest decision to do is to leave the game you love. It's hard. It's going to be hard. Because it doesn't look like you're going to retire because of injuries or I can't have enough ability to play. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.mingxiuzhandao, advance secretly by an unknown path. When Liu Bang is with this trick to get past Xiang Yujun, settled in Guanzhong, and finally defeated the success of emperor yu. By extension, refers to the true intentions behind the surface action, with obvious actions confuse each other, make the enemy the illusion and ignore their true intentions, and surprise. Similar tactics are enumerate in American football, but the closest thing to the original is Reverse. Reverse is a classic in American football. The centre forward kicks the quarterback to the quarterback, the quarterback to the running guard, and the runner to move horizontally and observe the route of progress. Of course, this is all a false impression, and it is necessary to attract the opponent by acting. When the defensive team is puzzled by the attack route, the runner reaches the ball to the catcher to the face, and the outer hand takes the ball in the opposite direction. If the running guards do well, there should be no defenders on the route of the outside hand. in order to play, play to get a realistic, Reverse tactical part and common ground will promote the tight end as like as two peas, arranged in the front line of attack, running back to the strong side (the side of the proximal front line and mobile), proximal to the running back to front to clear the way, although it is pretend. But still have to do the full show. The only abnormal is a reverse running handle, but how many people care about the outside hand in the running attack? is a successful key is that most advance secretly by an unknown path, timing. From the center to the kick-off, running back ball feint is normal routine, real time control is that receivers, if he ran too fast, running back the ball did not adjust well, give the general mistakes off the ball; if he ran faster, running back the lens is not over yet, the defense is not in the play, the ball is easy to be hasty, see if the opponent; he ran a little slow, running back and defensive set too deep into the drama, has been in contact before delivery to complete delivery with the ball. When the defensive team begins to move in the direction of the guard, it will reach the runner and take the ball away. At this point, the defensive players need to stop at once, stop the trend of advance and reverse again, which is still very difficult to catch up. is a fraud attack, but it is very common in all levels of competition. In fact, it has high usability and low technical difficulty, so we can easily accomplish it if we train a little together. The 2015 season Thursday night game in ninth weeks, Cincinnati tigers will show us a textbook like "advance secretly by an unknown path". Among them, the tigers quarterback Dalton is playing in, after he handed the ball to the running back, the direction of movement, which is the normal routine of running the offense, but when the ball over the attack, he acts as a full guard, open for behind the team, although the route is not enough to threaten his defense player. The tigers are easy to finish 25 yards.June 10th news the Detroit lion took over from Golden Tate trying to prove that he should get a new contract. Tate forwarded a chart made by professional rugby Focus Network on twitter. This chart shows that he is active in the field and has made the most missed times since 2014 (73 times). The new England patriots and ranked fifth in the aspects of the data receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) obtained a 2 year contract yesterday. "I hope I'm one of the next players to renew the contract," Tate said in the forward. "Can the good attack be done in all ways, right?" although the chart won't allow the lion to make a job at once, at least it's good for Tate. The who played for the Seattle Seahawks receiver very well in the lion, in the 3 season finished 280 times the ball 3221 yards and 14 touchdowns. His performance is far beyond the value of the contract. Tate plays the real number one performance, but his salary is only half the number of the other teams. He pays 6 million dollars this year and the salary is 7 million dollars in 2018. For a team that has many other loopholes to fill, they are rewarded with a good price. is worried that the contract will not expire until the 2018 season. The lion must first finish the contract extension with the quarterback Matthew Matthew (Matthew Stafford). But that does not mean Tate should not get a big contract.

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