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The classic white shirt with the club's iconic red oblique ribbon, the cuff ring Adidas victory three stripes is 1996 the classic Jersey reproduction, Adidas for the expression of the club partners pay attention to special treatment of their identity deliberately. The new jersey fabric used Adidas's latest performance technology, the lightest shirt ever, less than 40% of the previous shirt weight. The shoulder uses mesh design not only to lighten the weight but also to enhance the permeability of the fabric.NFL official website, whether Dezhou will retain the playoff football coach Obrien, wo behind the scenes, Houston Dezhou and the manager of Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) have the same public opinion: he won't go anywhere. NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Saturday that Dezhou people management has been looking to coach the team made it clear that they will not let Bill leave Obrien, and they have publicly expressed not to dismiss him as. This coincides with the local media's previous reports, and Obrien himself also says he will not go anywhere and will continue to teach Dezhou people. a week ago, he reported that if the people of Dezhou in the playoffs that need to go home early to find new coach team will be interested cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in Obrien. 's long NFL season could make the relationship between the team and the coach worse. But no matter what may cause Obrien to leave the Dezhou people, these factors are now dissipated. The people of Dezhou may have realized that they have one in three seasons led the team to win the division title twice and never made much more negative season coach. also, the only team that has not yet found a new manager is San Francisco's 49, whose team is far less attractive than the Dezhou people. the Southern District of the United States will inevitably be more competitive in the coming season. It's not wise for the Dezhou people to let the team win the team. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Cardinals defensive group is how to limit the demak Murray | Rugby Dallas Cowboys star running back Murray Demark (DeMarco Murray) is the league the best running back, he is expected to break the Eric - Dixon (Eric Dickerson) season rushing yardage record. The number of yards that Murray ran out of the first offense this season was more than the number of other running guards, and the horror was visible. but is such a terrible big kill, but was still a game last week to stop the cardinals, Murray in the game 12 times in the first file to punch the ball 28 yards out only. The famous NFL analyst Mike - Mei (Mike Mayock) pointed out that the York Cardinals key guard Murray is mixed defensive front, and talented team defense. Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd - Bowes (Todd Bowles) is one of the most radical and the most creative coach in the league, this season he was crazy to use raid quarterback strategy, the main rotation players up to 6 more than the second tier. He used a variety of defensive systems in the face of cowboy competitions. Considering the lack of core Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo), Bowes temporary evolutions. Over the past four years the Cardinals defensive front formation is 3-4, and against the Cowboys Cardinals is changed to 4-3, this change makes the ground cover of the league's best Cowboys offensive front some be caught off guard. although the Cardinals defensive front this season lost occupation level of the Carlos Dansby bowl (Carlos Dansby), Darryl Washington (Daryl Washington), John Abraham (John Abraham) and Darnell (Darnell Dockett) doctor, but the Cardinals still cling to a group of veteran and defense on the ground, and Taryn Matthew Qiang Wei (Tyrann Mathieu) is to contribute to the comeback of the Cardinals on the ground. ?????????????????????????????????????????????쨰????????????????????????????? Bowes's excellent coaching ability has been the league's attention, the next offseason he will be competing in the top teams.Investigation report on NFL's official website | Lei - Les | football announced domestic violence according to the former director of the Federal Bureau of investigation - Robert Muller (Robert Mueller) independent investigation team led by the report, NFL Les was seen running back in front of Baltimore crow (Ray Rice) - ray video before the public has never seen a video of domestic violence. The report said we did not find evidence that any coalition staff had or had seen the video in the elevator before the video was open. We also did not find evidence that a woman working in NFL claimed to receive the video in April 9, 2014. The The Associated Press originally reported that a law enforcement officer showed them the video and played a voice mail that lasted 12 seconds in April 9th. A woman confirmed that she received the video. although the findings support President Roger Goodall (Roger Goodell) for the league has never seen his fiancee Palmer beat les Jenne casino in Atlantic City (Janay Palmer) in the elevator video statement, Muller's report also said the League should have more measures to properly investigate the incident. Our conclusion is that even if there is no video of this elevator, there is already a lot of information about the event indicating that a more comprehensive survey is needed, the report says. NFL should do more about the information it owns, and they should have taken extra measures to get all the information you can get about the February 15th event. also reported that NFL failed to contact the police investigating the incident 1., the Atlantic City prosecutor's office or the hotel came to watch or watch the elevator video. 2. ask whether Les or his lawyers can get the video. 3. continue to contact the team after a preliminary contact with the crow to ask if more information is available. The release of in the investigation report, NFL is responsible for the supervision and investigation work assigned to the New York giants owner John Mara (John Mara) and Pittsburgh Steelers owner art Rooney II (Art Rooney II) issued a joint statement, they agreed to the conclusions in the report are not enough NFL to do, also said the NFL bosses are full of confidence in guder.

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