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??????ESPN??????????????????NFL????-?????Ray Rice?????????????????????????????????????????????????-????|им??Steve Bisciotti?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 48 minutes before the launch of Audi's headquarters at the crow headquarters, the Raven official rebutted the report on ESPN. At the press conference, Audi said, "I think the source of ESPN's information is obviously inclined to Leslie. Although it basically takes an anonymous way, it can clearly distinguish the lawyer, agent and friend from the theme. They are restoring facts and taking the best way to restore facts to others as they seem to be lying before. The report, however, suggests that their charges are not consistent with the facts we have in hand. " ESPN was released on Friday 11 days after interviews with more than 20 people including team officials, former Union and active officers, NFL players union representatives, and Rician's colleagues, advisors and friends. Audi is sorry that he didn't try hard to get the casino elevator video before the Raven team. Now the team is deeply regretted by the influence of Rician agency law. But it also adds tha cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t the crow will not dispose of anyone because of the improper disposal of the matter. " Audi was initially expected to be banned from four to six games and was as surprised as the others when he was only banned for two games. But he denied the rumour that he continued to offer other jobs after cutting out as a "seal fee" for the team's harmony. According to ESPN reported rice had angry at Audi's "hush money", contract. Audi, added: "why do I feel ridiculous, because he cut his salary of $six million, I have to pay $twenty-five million (after three years of income, while fifteen million security) as if he reported with a $one hundred thousand salary to hire him to help Harry - Wayne (Harry Swayne) in the player development department (work five years as he needs to hush money), I work 250 years to return the money." but finally bill Audi said he would still forgive les and give him a job in the future.Jason Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul) returned to training this week, so that many people are optimistic that he may play in the next battle against Tampa Bay pirates. unless the injury is repeated, most people think JPP will return to the game after the first eight games of the absence of the season. And he insisted that he was the same, even better, as he was before he was injured. ??????????????????JPP?????????????????????????????????????????????-???????Tom Coughlin?????????? defensive coordinator Steve (Steve Spagnuolo) - Genuoluo spa is cautious about JPP's return, he reminded not to have high expectations for the returning ball impact hand. "Look, it's hard to go back to the level you're expecting after this long absence," J Pagano Lo said. "I think he can be the JPP everyone wants as long as he comes out. I don't know if I should think so. Let's wait and see. " J Pagano Lo also said he was impressed by the explosive power of JPP after kick-off in training, but said he still had a long way to go in his return process. The giant's bad pass impact urgently needed any state of the JPP return. Maybe he can make the giant defense problem is not realistic, but JPP can slowly return to help consolidate giant lead in the NL east.The official website of NFL, Saint safetys roin Waka in violation of anti drug policy was suspended for 4 games, football nest New Orleans saints have been hard to afford to lose in the defensive team, but they are likely to face the situation. NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that safety Kenny Vaccaro (Kenny Vaccaro) - due to the violation of regulations, especially the use of Union banned Adela (a lack of prescription drugs for the treatment of ADHD - attention) face was suspended for 4 games. plans to appeal the end face still can play Vaccaro Denver Broncos game. Vaccaro and Wei jarius Byrd Tour (Jairus Byrd) and von Baer (Vonn Bell) and Roman Harper (Roman Harper) and Shi Luo (Shiloh Keo) - Kaiao provides in depth, but if Vaccaro will be suspended for the saints will sign a new security guard. The saints are all the worst in the League at the present time that all the opponents pass 300 yards. Although the team has been strong, the defense team has always been their problem. Robben Waka season, scored according to occupation football focus, he is the team's safety, ranked nineteenth in the league. The saints chose to carry out his fifth year contract last April, and his contract will expire after the end of next season. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | San Diego expelled from the team special teams coach | lightning football on Wednesday U.S. time, the management group of San Diego lightning eventually decided to expel the team special teams coach Kevin - Spencer (Kevin Spencer). Kevin was sacked three days before the match against Jacksonville Jaguars game his punt return team successfully completed touchdown run back in the game with 1 minutes 30 seconds, helping the team to 31 than 25 eventually defeated the jaguars, ended the team's losing streak, although the total team record of 3 wins and 8 negative still the bottom of the partition. In fact, the team played a game against the Kansas chieftain just a week ago because of the 3 - 33 loss of the team because of the abandoning of the team. is reported to have been released 2 hours after the team's regular press conference, and so far the team's general manager has not given any answer to the outside world.

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