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I walked into the ward, and you could feel from the air that it was full of sadness. I'll never forget it. The child lying on the bed was filled with pipes. His name is Milton Wright (Milton). He was a black child with a good physical quality and light skin. He is taller than me, and he looks like a healthy child. Milton high school played rugby, and later he became a model. One day, when he woke up, he could hardly move. He went to the hospital for several tests, and the results were very bad: Milton had advanced leukemia. this incredible TV ad is only 19 years old. the child was lying on the bed, waiting for the death in silence. when I walked into the cancer unit of the hospital, his family was beside him. Milton cried quietly, and I could see that he was afraid. Wards all tearful, I also like. His mother told me that this was not the first time Milton had faced leukemia. Milton beat the disease at the age of 8 and beat leukemia again at the age of 14. now, this terrible illness again reached out to Milton. the only thing I thought of at that time was that it was unfair to him. This idea takes up my mind: Yes, it's really unfair. I tried to say something to comfort him, but I couldn't say it. The grief and fear that spread in the ward repressed everything. Milton has only one hope to survive. The doctors at Seattle children's Hospital try to adopt a trial therapy -- T cell therapy supported b cheap nfl jerseys free shipping y the strong against cancer clinical trial in the hospital. This is the last straw, and there is no other way out. The doctor told me that this T cell therapy was used only once in Seattle's children's hospital. I'm just a rugby player, so I won't try to explain how the treatment is treated in a scientific way. But in short, doctors put T cells into Milton's blood and use T cells to clean up cancer cells. at first, the therapy was successful. Suddenly, Milton's situation was getting worse. The resistance of T cells and cancer cells caused Milton's temperature to rise sharply, making Milton dying. When this happens, the doctor can press ", restart the switch ", and take back the T cells. Milton and his family have to decide whether to recall T cells and give up the therapy. The problem is, this therapy is also the last hope of Milton's survival. when I sat by his bedside, and his gaze, I can feel that he has accepted his fate. But he was really scared. at this time, is there any encouraging words that can immediately be made to cheer him up? No so I told him a story about my father.The official website of NFL | Viking bloodbath giant, lock | football playoff tickets Beijing time in December 28th, the Vikings had a chance to advance to the playoffs in advance. A giant team that has not been pursued at home. The giant resisted only one day, and it was spent by the Vikings in a wave of waves. Eventually the Vikings won the giant at home with 49:17. Locked in a wild card game tickets. In the first section of , the two sides spent a lot of time in each other's discarded kicks. Even Eli Manning (Eli Manning) the pass was steals, the Vikings also failed to score. Until the end of the festival, the Vikings broke the deadlock with a free kick. At the end of the first festival, the Vikings took a temporary lead in 3:0. second race, teddy Bridgewater (Teddy Bridgewater) a 28 - yard pass quickly expanded the difference to 10 points. Although the giant returned a free kick, Manning's pass was then copied again and got back to the attack. At the end of this section, the Vikings set a half - field score at 19:3 with a free kick. In the third quarter of , the Vikings continued to expand their scores. First of all, they were a close range free kick. Then they cut off Manning's pass third times and converted it into the 2 yards of Adrian Peterson (Adrian Petterson). Then a free kick again. The difference has been pulled to 29 points, 32:3. The giant finally reaped an array in this section. Alan Manning Reuben Randall (Rueben Randle) completed a 72 yard touchdown. Three zhanba, the Vikings to lead 32:10 giants. At fourth, the Vikings got 7 yards from the running Jericho Mackinnon (Jerick McKinnon) at the start of the game. Then the giant's two attempts to attack the 4 gear were successfully protected by the Vikings. The Vikings have also completed a free kick score and Mackinnon's 68 - yard punching ball. Since then, the giant team's Meyers - White (Myles White) completed a 25 - yard catcher, a little bit of face for the giant. The final score of the final match was 49:17.last month since the Green Bay Packers can be said to be a trend which cannot be halted, they are currently in the League of Nations has tied the record to the Arizona Cardinals, a Super Bowl champion for this trend, and in stark contrast to the downturn at the beginning of the season. The main reason why the packers are hot is no doubt the excellent performance of Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers), but now the support for Rodgers to win the most valuable player in the regular season is also increasing. Packaging Manager Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) also has no secret of love for AI. He said in an interview: "I have never seen a quarterback reach Rodgers's current level. Many people say that Rodgers, who is 15 or 1 in the 2011 season, is the top. In my view, he has stronger leadership than he did at that time. His performance on the field is unprecedented. Rodgers has finished 15 times more than 40 yards this season, which is the first in the league. Since November 9th, 16:0 Rodgers's touchdowns than is amazing, from the end of October since the quarterback had score less than 109 points. Now Rodgers is really in the top state of his own, and I believe that such a Rodgers should not replay the one round trip of the 2011 playoffs.The official website of NFL | Odell - Beckham became the cover | football game Madden Odell - Beckham (Odell Beckham) supernova performance rookie season to get on the football game Madden NFL2016 cover at the end. the New York giants wide receiver in determining who is this cover vote against the new England patriots tight end rob Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski). He has a champion ring, and Beckham is amazed by his amazing physical fitness. G Ron Kowski is the best near - end of the league, but Beckham is like the Randy Moss in the 1999 season. He seems to have a limitless limit. had a lot of talent in the hands of last season, because of his incredible skills, comprehensiveness and strength, and Beckham came to the fore. He can get his opponent out of the ball after catching the ball or he can throw away his opponent directly at a speed. He can catch the ball in the middle or pass the long pass. His physical fitness was easy to notice, but the ability to deceive the defensive players and to complete the running of each line showed Beckham's players. we heard some people doubting whether Beckham was overly touted. We think it underestimates his rookie season. We haven't seen anything as high as Beckham since Moss. In this position, which is often difficult to transition from college to NFL, Beckham's field is more than Moss.

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