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There is no doubt that the 03 generation platinum most regrettable superstar, I believe we all know Anthony before entering the League before the name to James and not much difference between first season in, even after entering the League of the gap between the two is not very obvious, but the 15 season to James is still the first person Anthony alliance basically has become a role player. But in Anthony's career both in Denver and Nicks or Anthony are not the thunder now had a convincing record and achievement, but also did not let the team have what break through the view of the current situation of Anthony even retired will not enjoy this honor. we all know that Ray Allen is the Timberwolves selected and then traded to the Milwaukee Bucks in 96 years, while in the Bucks 6 years the best record is the semi final, at the same time when Ray Allen is in the peak period of supersonic (Thunder Thunder predecessor) so certainly not retired a not played in your own team the player jerseys, even the most likely relationship between the green army retired now and Ray Allen is also very subtle, in Anji some time ago in the interview when he said publicly to retire Pearce and KG shirt but not provided Allen, so that Ray Allen retired also is only a dream. Maddie successfully entered the hall of fame, but Maddie is concerned both in Toronto period or in the period of magi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping c, even to the end of the period of Maddie rockets are not able to prove themselves and not to be able to lead the team to achieve better results, especially for the Rockets seemed to Maddie is retired Jersey has no interest to. Know Yao Ming's Jersey has been retired for a long time. read the original copyright statement: the content and editing of this article are from the InternetNFL's official website, before retiring 49 round to return to football, sign Coffey wo 49 retired from the NFL a year ago ran Wei, Glen (Glen Coffee), Coffey is trying to return to the game. Coffey is 2009 49 round of sign, he has completed the return of NFL files required to fill in. At present, any team that wants him can come to attract him, and if no one has this intention, he will be a free free player. Coffey said he initially may enter the U.S. military service. But now he wants to get another chance for himself. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Author: ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist When I was editing this manuscript on that day, I said, "if tomorrow's Sunday night match is wonderful, I will write a review of this competition. If tomorrow's game is bad, then I will write a better theme in mid week." the final result, cowboy half the time to resolve the fighting, 38 more than 17 fix enemy saints, cowboy let Dezhou fans have a charming mood Sunday, why would you say that? First of all the fans in Dezhou over the summer Sanantonio Spurs won the major league baseball is ecstatic, then the decline of the Dezhou Rangers and the Houston space people continue to sink, to NFL at the beginning of the season, they will be surprised to find that, at the beginning of the season is not to be optimistic about everyone of the Dezhou cowboys and Dezhou duo people have scored 3 wins and 1 losses results, ranked the first place in the division! well, back to the beginning of the topic, the game this Sunday night game is bad, is estimated to have a lot of friends in the class Alice skipped school after the end of the first half had to start back to the company and the classroom, in addition, the tactical part of the game is not what too bright, so even if many can persist see the second half, is estimated to have dozed off. OK, I admit that I fell asleep in the third quarter. The famous football Rugby commentator Xiao Shen's knowledge of magnetic voice and the commentary of the conscience of the industry became the only reason why I watched the match. according to yesterday's vision, bad games I wouldn't write comments, and then to find more attractive theme, but on second thought, the two teams now play itself is an excellent material? So the main character of this article is still the two team in the Sunday night game. first briefly describe the night race: the beginning of the game, cowboys show excellent offensive, not only is the road passing at flowering, is extremely fragmented, the saints defense is hard to resist; in the saints offense, stumbling, feeling did not enter the race, there have been several mistakes then, the cowboy will gladly several mistakes into the first half touchdowns, has tied 24 to 0. The second half, according to the normal expectations, the saints will be "strong counterattack, but in the end is the second half of the saints scored 17 points, but not strong, and even make people feel they are also looking forward to the game than the cowboys to end, then the cowboy also relax spirit, let the saints scored two touchdowns, clock walk, cowboys win. before the start of the regular season, I help website writing prediction Dallas Cowboys get a 3 - 13 record in this season, and rams together with the bottom of the league, and the saint is not only get 12 wins 4 negative regular season, and eventually won the Battie trophy big kill four long. A month later, I have regretted it. The cowboy is now finished and I give them the set win 3 goals to lose a saint, also can achieve the "target", so for me it should be regarded as saints cowboys and the end of the regular season after fourth weeks, "the most surprising team" and "the most disappointing team". 〉The official website of NFL | Dezhou starting quarterback Coach: "football competition | well-matched in strength" 's first quarterback competition in Buffalo Bill seems to be settled in this pre-season match. Everyone's attention will turn to the next quarterback competition: Houston Dezhou will face Denver Mustang in the second pre-season match. at present, coach Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) insists Blaine Heuer (Brian Hoyer) and Ryan Malet (Ryan Mallett) are evenly matched in the competition. they all have leadership skills, they are all very smart, Obrien said on Thursday. So, this is an equal competition. As I said, we will make a decision at some time. We will choose one as the starting point for the new season. Another person needs to be ready to play. We had four quarterback last year, so you never know, but we can only get one on the pitch at once. So, we will eventually choose a person and let him start. from all signs, Heuer has the advantage, despite Obrien's insistence that he has not yet made a choice. But Obrien thinks malt has better physical conditions, and he hopes to be able to make a good impression on the latter. The time for to make a decision must come quickly, and the third pre - season rehearsal for the new season is in front of us.

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