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Washington Red leather made the same decision as its quarterback Kirk Cousins (Kirk Cousins) contract problem last year, and the team continued to use the privilege tag. koxins's agent announced the team's decision on Tuesday by tweet. 28 year old Cousins last season to complete the season in the franchise tag last season, a total value of 20 million dollars, and now he and red if unable to reach a long-term contract in July 16th, then his franchise tag will come into force, the privilege can ensure the red label any free market for cousins interested the opponent put forward matching transaction requirements, to ensure that if the huge cousins leave team will not lose. koxins has fully demonstrated his strength since the replacement of Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III). In the 2015 season, he led cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the team into the playoffs, and he completed a 4166 - yard pass of 29, and last season he completed a 4917 - yard pass of 25.NFL's official website, Aaron - Rodgers also believes that Tom Brady is GOAT, rugby wo this month to win the super bowl after all that debate about Tom Brady is worthy of the title of the GOAT are stopped. The body is five crown champion quarterback Brady number, and soon at the age of 40, he still has a fighting force. When he retires, his figures are very likely to be breathtaking. On this point, even Payton - Manning, Johnny - Unitas and Joe - Montana's biggest fans are difficult to refute. Aaron - Rodgers has always been one of the powerful competitors of GOAT, but he is also stunning for the historical reversal. I'm sorry for Matt (Ryan). Rodgers said in an interview that the past few years we warm up, he is a great man. Last year he had a MVP grade performance, and the 28-3 lead in the super bowl made the victory almost unsuspense. So the failure is very frustrating. from the vermicelli's point of view, the game is very strong, Tom once again showed his greatness. Even if you don't win the game, he is already GOAT, but he gave his own legend added a thick and heavy in colours. even assuming that Rodgers led the packers to the super bowl, and won the championship, two Super Bowl rings, two times by the MVP honor, two super bowl MVP honor, a history of the most amazing Super Bowl wins, will be some greater Brady results. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Our football equipment network KELME to join the Shijiazhuang Club of Yongchang jointly launched the team's 2018 season in a home and away jersey. The new home court shirt continues the traditional main colors of the club, the advanced computer jacquard technology adopted by the Jersey and the latest fabric technology developed by Carle and the United States, while ensuring the "face value" of the shirt, while helping athletes eliminate interference and focus on the competition.(Cortland Finnegan) - Cortland Finnegan recently said the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) can be up to 40 years old, the Miami dolphins cornerback think this is reasonable. Finnegan said, "he's asleep now. Just wake him up. He can do a lot of meaningful things, and as the game goes on, he will be faster. I don't know how he did it." Brady is currently in the 15 season of the rank, the 37 year old is currently no indication that he will decline, he is still in the game elite, so this is one reason why Finnegan had no doubts. Finnegan said, "what the fans want to do is support him. He is the future member of hall of fame. He is worth it because he does more than other players. I am not sure whether he is able to withstand the strong impact when he is 40 years old." Brady have repeatedly said they want to extend the occupation career, with Brady again played a quasi MVP level of the season, Finnegan is not what unexpected praise. These words maybe Finnegan is out of a thank, thank Brady just 41 to 13 victory over the dolphins, rather than the more high scores, perhaps some people dream of other people's nightmare.

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