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ray Rice where, the dispute will go. The NFL's discredited star player has been watching Saturday's match at her mother's Xinluo Schell high school. Rice visited the school. But things will never be so simple, at least for Rice, because he was the star of the Baltimore Raven. Here is the view from all sides about whether Rice can visit the school. The USA TODAY News Network said that if Rice's high school uniform was dropped from the honor wall, his high school coach would choose to resign. TalkoftheSound said: according to the school principal in the blog's speech, President Rice is not willing to appear on the day of the game, but the manager Luo Dirui (Lou DiRienzo) - from invited Rice and hugged him and his family. Xinluo president Raj Richardson Schell (Reggie Richardson) on Rice's visit to answer: I don't know how to comment on the fact is, even if we agree that his behavior is useless, but we must recognize that one point is, here is his home, Xinluo Cher is his home.Bill Mccoy Sean Weile need to run (LeSean McCoy) more patience, high-profile patriot Bill a few days war will come, but Mccoy in training on Thursday due to left foot training. , "he feels very painful, so we sent him back to rest." Bill coach Re cheap nfl jerseys free shipping x Ryan (Rex Ryan) said after training on Thursday. Mccoy's foot from the preseason began to haunt him in the first week, Bill 27 to 14 victory over the horse race, but let Mccoy feel very uncomfortable, in the battle of Indianapolis game in the 17 time he rushed the ball and scored just 41 yards. Ryan Mccoy hopes Thursday's training will continue until Sunday, Carlos - Williams (Karlos Williams) is now the No. two running back Buffalo, in the first week of the game's performance is also very good, but Ryan know on Sunday against the Super Bowl Championship game, he needs Mccoy. when asked if Williams would take the place of Mccoy's first place, Ryan said, "I don't even want to think about it. As I said, I haven't yet made the decision to give up Mccoy." A foot injury generally need to rest and seriously, otherwise will not improve, but Bill for their playoff tickets will seriously consider. Relax, Bill fans - Mccoy will play on Sunday, but will not be able to play one hundred percent.NetEase sports October 20th report: NBA star Klee is a loyal fan of the NFL team, the Carolina Panthers. Today, Klee and former teammate Nate Robinson played a "lip battle" for a NFL match. honorary drummer Curie drum (source: NetEase video) in a NFL game recently ended, the Carolina Panthers in 27-23 against the Seattle Seahawks, and Nate Robinson is a super fan of the Seattle seahawks. The library after the game on their social media Sai out the Panthers to celebrate the victory of the photo and wrote: "Nate Robinson look! Do you see the scene I see? It was the Panther team winning the victory. Thank you for your warm hospitality, brother! " face library "provocation", Nate Nate is actually not a sign of weakness, a very good football player in high school. He responded in social media: "Hey, the Seahawks team players, and the Carolina Panthers again must have a good performance ah, I can't stand my NBA brother to my beloved team spray garbage. We must act to beat the Carolina Panther team. Don't need me to give up basketball chongpi Jersey NFL for you to charge into the enemy ranks?"Beijing time on Tuesday, September 19th, at 8:30 on Tuesday, the New York giant from the Eastern District of Nu and the Detroit lion from the North District of the National Union met in the week and night race. The battle of the New York giants in the home court last week 19:3 defeat the Dallas cowboys, currently 0 wins and 1 losses; and the Detroit lions in the 35:23 victory over the Arizona Cardinals last week, the state is good. The two teams last met in the regular season in the fifteenth week of last season, when the attack team was completely suppressed by the lion at 6:17 to the giant. In terms of injuries, Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.), a giant star in this game, will be playing. more ahead of the game, please click here The Detroit lion, the Detroit lion, first attacked. Although quarterback Matthew Staffordshire (Matthew Stafford) to find the ball tight end Eric bloom (Eric Ebron) - with 17 yards, or just after the lion attack group got a first attack had to punt. In turn, the giants first attack group attempts to defeat the quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) by veteran defensive tackle Loti Natta (Haloti Ngata) captured and killed and dropped the ball, cornerback Darius Sleigh (Darius Slay) picked up the ball, touchdown. Fortunately, after the video playback, Eli Manning in the fall before the ball has fallen off the ball, and touchdowns were disallowed, but it is enough to make the defense force three giant lion out. The lion attack team began to attack on the 46 - yard line, and they did not waste the opportunity. Run Amir - Abdullah (Ameer Abdullah) first hit the ball to get 8 yards. The giant came to half, his face out of pocket Staffordshire third ran 13 yards. The ultimate receiver Malvin Jones (Marvin Jones) in the giants cornerback Eli April (Eli Apple) on the head to complete the ball 27 yards, a touchdown. The lion took the lead in the 7:0 at the first time. Eli Manning also not resigned to playing second fiddle. His first three pass receivers, led the team to the midfield. The giant newcomer near the front Evan Ingram (Evan Engram) first took the ball to advance 17 yards, and then he suddenly took off from the all defensive position, and finished the 18 yards receiving array successfully without any defence, helping the giant to score the 7:7 level. The race quickly entered the second quarter. The giant kicked off the ball and was sent to the 40 yard line, plus the 15 personal foul made before the celebration, which made the lion attack at the 45 yards of the giant half court and easily arrived at the free kick range. However, Staffordshire was captured by Jason Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul) and dropped the ball, and German - Kennard (Devon Kennard) picked up the ball. What's more, Staffordshire is also the German - Kennard poked eyes. 〉

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