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In 2010, the rich cultural symbols and colors contained in the new Australian team dress came from the Australian flag and the national emblem. The new away kit using the word V collar design of modern design, with color stitching: shoulder, chest and cuffs of the blue is the main color of Flag of Australia, emphasize the national pride and unity; the chest a golden stripe design symbolizes the national emblem color, below the chest part follows the away kit has been Australia use the blue Obsidian color. Behind the shirt embroidered neckline "Australia" (Australia) word patterns, patterns in the stars is the inner side of the collar, the pattern of stars was inspired by the Flag of Australia. Australia - liner embroidered with Never Say Never '(never), the font is an Australian artist specially designed, Australia on behalf of the exotic animals. The inspiration b cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ehind the back number comes from the Australian local design and digital fonts of Australian paper money.NFL's official website, Doug - Malone, Jacksonville jaguars, interim coach football nest Doug - Malone (Doug Marrone) also got the opportunity to serve as the coach. The Jacksonville Jaguar announced on Monday as the assistant manager of the team in charge of the offensive / attack front coach Malone as the temporary manager. The 2 - 12 - 12 - negative Jaguar fired manager Gus Bradley (Gus) after 20-21 to Houston Dezhou. Malone is an ideal candidate for a temporary manager. He joined the Jaguar as an assistant coach in 2015. After served two years from 2013 to 2014, Malone was the boss of Bill, and Malone chose to jump out of the contract after Bill was taken over by the new boss. He achieved 15 wins and 17 defeats in Bill's two years, but he led Bill to win 9 and 7 in 2014. This is Bill's first win since 2004. , who was thought to be a hot candidate for other team manager positions at the time, was ignored by a number of teams. For the past two years, Malone has been in a state of obscurity for the most part of his career. is a reasonable choice for the Jaguar to choose him to lead the team to the end of the season, considering the experience of Malone as the manager. And Malone could be a candidate for the Jaguar manager next year. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity., the last World Cup in twentieth Century and the summer of 98 France, was considered the most classic World Cup by many fans. The 32 team's shirt is also worth paying special attention to. The unique design of a variety of shirts has a high degree of recognition and has become a classic. 98 World Cup 32 team shirt specifically looked at the teams' shirts and revisited the group at the time: A group: Brazil, Scotland, Morocco, Norway B group: Italy, Chile, Cameroon, Austria C group: France, Denmark, South Africa, Saudi D group: Spain, Nigeria, Paraguay, Bulgarian E group: Holland, Mexico, Belgium, South Korea F group: Germany, Yugoslavia, Iran, G group: England, Romania, Columbia, Tunisia H group: Argentina, Croatia, Jamaica, , Japan the integration of domestic and international top events and mass sports events, to provide a full range of sports and leisure services for sports fans; sharing venues, towns, parks, and copyright complex event resources, build sports town planning and planning, stadium operations and consulting, sports park planning and design, sports marketing and packaging, global tourism planning complex design and promotion, and consulting the whole industry chain development of sports industry innovation platform.cowboy Sean - Lee (Sean Lee) did not take part in Friday's training, and the cowboy injury report listed him as a suspect. The defensive tactics team organizer and grapple second players injured hamstring in the week night game, missed the whole week of training. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????-???????Jason Garrett??????????????????????????????|??????????????????? But injury is part of the game. If he can play, we will definitely let him play, but if not, we should change other players, but we must ensure normal operation. if Li is unable to play, veteran Justin - Durant (Justin Durant) is most likely to replace him with a weak side guard.

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