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Time will not | pony running back NFL official website to reduce | by dropping the ball and football for Indianapolis's pony, whether it can limit the number of mistakes will be an important prerequisite for how far they can go in the playoffs. The quarterback Andrew Luck (Andrew Luck) must reduce the number of intercepted times, and the running guard Daniel HLEN (Daniel) must avoid dropping the ball. with the Cincinnati tigers in the wild card race, Herron appeared 2 times off the ball, which caused 1 times the ball right away pony. On this point, coach chuck ppagano's (Chuck Pagano) said: "you can't do that, can't do this. He did well in the game, but the two shots were unacceptable. We have to control the ball, he knows, I know, every one of the team must be aware of that. The most important thing in the game is the right to master the ball. Of course, we will continue to use him and still trust him. He has a strong ability to learn, and he will realize where his problems are and that he has the ability to do better. Herron as cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the team's No. three running back in the beginning of the season, Ahmad - Brad Shaw (Ahmad Bradshaw) for the season after he defeated Trent Richardson (Trent Richardson) to become the first team. On the whole, his performance was satisfactory. For a little horse, Heron needs to give the team more support from the ground if he wants to go further in the playoffs.The official website of NFL | main Redskins tight end Paul | football season due to injury. Washington Red Leather today ushered in the first season of the new season in Beijing time. But after the start of the competition, the red main Niles Niles Paul failed to rise due to injury and was then taken off the field. In a post - match interview, Jay Gruden, the red - skin coach, announced that Paul had a severe ankle sprain and would miss the whole 2015 season. He said: his injury was a great loss to us. He was a very good player and leader. Niles - Paul is a very talented player, has an excellent catch ability, also in this offseason he also gained 27 pounds, so as to improve their ability to cover, red group will also play as coach of the team's top near end. After Paul's season's reimbursement, the two near end Jordan Reed (Jordan Reed) will take his place. Reed's ball catching ability is very outstanding. He doesn't lose to Paul and has strong athletic ability. His drawback is poor shield ability and frequent injuries. If Reed can guarantee his health, he is expected to fill the vacancy of Paul well.The Sichuan nine beef team of the new army of second army in announced today that eight players joined the league in the second league in the new season representing the nine cattle. Hao Boyu, born in March 10, 1997, midfielder, had previously played a team of Shijiazhuang Yongchang, Hebei and Huaxia. The new season was dressed in No. 20. Guo Wenjian, born in January 3, 1998, was a defender who had been in Yongchang, Shijiazhuang, and was wearing the No. 26 shirt in the new season. Jin Wen Xin, born in March 11, 1989, the goalkeeper, has been in Chengdu Qian Bao, and is wearing No. 18 shirt in the new season. Song Weipeng, born in November 28, 1997, was a midfielder who had participated in the games on behalf of the Sichuan and Chongqing games, and the new season was dressed in No. 13. Hao Shuang, who was born in January 6, 1989, has played the role of Hebei Huaxia happiness, Hunan Xiang Tao, Jiangxi Liansheng and so on. She is wearing the No. 11 Jersey in the new season. was born in January 23, 1991, Xia Lu, midfielder, previously played for the Sichuan team in the new season of Annapurna I, wearing Jersey No. 8. Yang Xinxin, born in November 24, 1992, is qualified for back waist and guard position. He had been in deep foot, Shanghai Shen vatia and other teams. The new season was dressed in No. 6. Zhang Jiawei, born in September 4, 1990, was a defender who had been in Shanghai's shin vatia team and was wearing the No. 5 shirt in the new season.The official website of NFL | pirates signed veteran linebacker Daryl Smith | Rugby the Tampa Bay Buccaneers found a veteran linebacker to Sergio and occupation bowl Wundt David line (Lavonte David) the second grade linebacker and potential G - Alexander (Kwon Alexander) million. pirates announced Friday morning before Baltimore crow star Daryl - Smith (Daryl Smith) has agreed to sign a contract with them. The contract lasts for one year. , 34, started 172 of his 174 games in his career. His grappling number is fourth among the active players and is one of the only four players who have captured at least 30 times to capture 10 copies of the pass. crow at the first month lay off Smith, which reflects his performance decline at this age. He was a professional bowl - level interior guard for the first two seasons of the crow. He was considered to be a strong side guard against the pirates. Smith is very suitable for the pirates to end their careers. He has worked with the pirates defensive coordinator Mike - Smith (Mike Smith) and linebacker coach Mark Dufner (Mark Duffner) worked at the Jacksonville Jaguars for many years, while the Jaguar's offensive coordinator is now pirates coach Dirk Kurt (Dirk Koetter).

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